“Fan Mail Floods in for the World’s Thinnest Woman, Aspiring Admirers Want to Emulate Her”

This poignant narrative unveils the life of Valeria Levitin, the world’s thinnest woman, who weighs merely four stone due to years of extreme dieting.

Rather than succumbing to self-pity, Valeria perceives her emaciated figure as a stark wake-up call for young girls aspiring to achieve matchstick-thin bodies.

Standing at 5ft 8in, she should ideally weigh between 9st and 12st, as per NHS guidelines. However, Valeria’s weight hovers at a mere 4st 3lbs, less than half of her lightest healthy weight.

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“Valeria Levitin: The Living Portrait of Anorexia, Weighing Just Four Stone After Years of Struggle”

“Valeria, aged 19, photographed during a holiday in Mexico, bears the haunting marks of her battle with anorexia, a disorder that has plagued her since her teenage years. Now, at 39, she has chosen to shed light on the devastating impact of the illness on her life.

What’s particularly alarming is Valeria’s revelation that she receives fan mail from girls desperate to emulate her skeletal appearance. Originally from Russia but now residing in Monaco, she finds herself inundated with requests from admirers seeking guidance on how to achieve her emaciated figure.

In an interview with The Sun, Valeria disclosed, ‘I have received emails from young girls who want me to teach them how to be like me. All the letters I’ve had are from women, mainly in their twenties, who see me as some kind of inspiration.’

Determined to combat the glorification of anorexia, she has courageously decided to speak out about her condition and advocate against the perils of the illness. She adamantly refuses to impart harmful advice to young girls, asserting her commitment to preventing them from succumbing to the same fate.”

Valeria expresses her desire to share her harrowing journey in hopes of deterring others from experiencing a similar fate. She candidly reveals that anorexia has left her feeling isolated, unappealing, and alienated from those around her.

In her own words, she describes the toll that the disorder has taken on her life, acknowledging that it has rendered her lonely, unattractive, and repulsive to those in her social circle. Her poignant admission underscores the devastating consequences of anorexia on one’s physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Valeria, depicted as she appears today, faced a significant setback at the age of 24 when she was prohibited from pursuing ballet due to concerns that her frail frame, weighing just six stone, would put her at risk of injury.

Having grappled with her eating disorder since adolescence, Valeria has bravely opted to break her silence about the devastation it has wrought upon her life.

Driven by a desire to spare others from succumbing to a similar fate, she endeavors to share her story. Valeria candidly reveals that anorexia has inflicted profound loneliness upon her and has left her feeling unattractive and repulsive to those around her. Her candid disclosure serves as a stark reminder of the debilitating effects of this disorder and underscores the importance of raising awareness to prevent its grip from tightening on others.

In this photo, Valeria is captured at the tender age of 11, a time when the seeds of her condition began to take root. She attributes the origins of her struggles to her mother, who harbored deep-seated fears that Valeria would inherit the obesity prevalent among their relatives. Consequently, even in childhood, her diet was meticulously controlled, with frequent weigh-ins to ensure she didn’t gain any weight, reflecting her mother’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

At 16, weighing 10 stone, Valeria relocated to Chicago with her parents, yearning to assimilate into her new school environment. In a bid for acceptance and approval, she embarked on a journey of severe dietary restriction, eliminating sugar and carbohydrates from her meals. However, the irony lies in the fact that her prolonged avoidance of certain foods has rendered her body intolerant to them, a condition she cannot reverse.

A pivotal moment occurred when a cruel remark from a classmate pierced through Valeria’s fragile self-esteem. The comment during a football game, suggesting using her “big ar*e” to win, inflicted deep emotional wounds, intensifying her resolve to shed even more weight.

Driven by a desire for societal acceptance and exacerbated by her aspirations of becoming a model, Valeria’s weight continued to plummet. By the age of 24, she had shrunk from a healthy size 12 to a diminutive size six. Tragically, her pursuit of perfection led to a ban from dancing due to concerns over her fragile health, serving as a poignant reminder of the devastating toll of her battle with anorexia.

Valeria’s relentless battle with anorexia has left her grappling with profound physical and emotional repercussions. Over the span of a decade, she sought the guidance of more than 30 health specialists, enduring the agony of dipping to a dangerously low weight of 3st 10lbs at one point. Today, even if she desired to indulge in certain foods, her body’s intolerance renders it impossible.

The toll of her illness extends beyond physical limitations, casting a shadow of loneliness over her life. Single for a decade, Valeria finds relationships challenging, unable to partake in ordinary activities like dining out at restaurants.

Now resigned to the realization that a cure cannot be found within the confines of a doctor’s office, Valeria grapples with the grim reality of her condition, her body and spirit bearing the enduring scars of her battle with anorexia.

At the age of 23, Valeria pursued her dream of becoming a model, only to face further setbacks when she was deemed “too big” for the industry. However, she attributes her struggles not to her physical appearance, but rather to a profound disconnect between her body and soul.

Today, Valeria navigates her daily life with caution, taking supplements to mitigate the risk of bruising and avoiding situations that could lead to falls.

In search of solace and a path towards healing, Valeria contemplates returning to Moscow, where she feels a greater sense of inner peace. Her ultimate aspiration is to fulfill her lifelong dream of motherhood through surrogacy. Valeria believes that the prospect of having a child could serve as a catalyst for reclaiming her health, a goal she feels she can achieve once she prioritizes her well-being.

Now at the age of 39, Valeria is fueled by a profound desire to reclaim her health and realize her dream of motherhood. However, she acknowledges the importance of prioritizing her well-being before embarking on this journey, recognizing that it wouldn’t be fair to bring a child into the world while she is still battling with her illness.

Determined to serve as a cautionary tale to others about the perils of extreme dieting, Valeria remains steadfast in her resolve to overcome anorexia. Despite the formidable challenges she faces, she refuses to succumb to despair, emphasizing her unwavering determination to confront and conquer her illness. Her resilience and unwavering spirit serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to confront their own struggles and never give up on the possibility of healing and recovery.

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