Family Garners Attention with a Raw and Honest Obituary

“When Tradition Takes a Turn: Unconventional Obituary Sparks Controversy After Family Airs Grievances Publicly

Typically, families express love and fond memories in obituaries to honor their departed loved ones. However, a recent incident in Redwood Falls, Minnesota, has turned this tradition on its head. The adult children of Kathleen Dehmlow chose an unorthodox approach by publishing a scathing obituary that left the community in shock.

The obituary initially appears conventional but takes a surprising twist in its final paragraphs, culminating with the bold statement, “…this world is a better place without her.” The Redwood Falls Gazette, the paper that first published the obituary, faced public backlash and eventually removed it from its online platform.

In a subsequent interview with the Star Tribune, a family member, Dwight Dehmlow, confirmed the contentious details mentioned in the obituary. While acknowledging some missing aspects of Kathleen’s life, Dwight emphasized her regret for a mistake made 60 years ago.

Critics questioned the decision to publish such a provocative obituary, prompting the Redwood Falls Gazette’s CEO and founder, Stopher Bartol, to defend the paper’s stance. He clarified that, despite the controversy, publishing paid obituaries with potentially inflammatory content is not illegal.

Dwight Dehmlow expressed concern about the hurt caused by the obituary and noted that the writer chose to end it with animosity. The incident has sparked discussions about the ethical considerations involved in publishing obituaries and the potential impact on families and communities.

As the community grapples with this unconventional obituary, questions arise about the boundaries of memorializing the deceased and the responsibilities of media outlets in sharing such personal narratives. The incident serves as a reminder that, even in times of grief, the expression of emotions can take unexpected and controversial forms.”

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