Every day, she overheard her mother tell her, “You’re ugly and you have a big nose.”

Jennifer Aniston, renowned for her iconic role in the hit series “Friends,” has an extensive filmography, including well-received movies like “We’re the Millers” and “Horrible Bosses.”

However, Jennifer’s early life was marked by a challenging relationship with her mother. Her mother, actress Nancy Dow, was quick to criticize her at every turn, causing lasting emotional trauma. This harsh upbringing is in stark contrast to Jennifer’s successful career. Her mother would daily remark, “You’re unattractive, and your nose is too prominent.”

Growing up, Jennifer witnessed the tumultuous marriage of her parents, which eventually ended in divorce. She stayed with her mother after the split, enduring constant criticism about her physical attributes, such as her nose, her wide-set eyes, and the natural changes that come with puberty, like gaining a few pounds.

Jennifer’s self-esteem and self-confidence suffered greatly due to her mother’s relentless reminders that she was “ugly.” Although they lived in the same household, Jennifer couldn’t escape her mother’s harsh judgment.

Jennifer’s relationship with her father was also strained, leaving her emotionally dependent on her mother. When Jennifer once defied her mother’s scolding, her mother callously laughed in her face, teaching her to accept criticism in silence.

On top of these challenges, Jennifer grappled with dyslexia, a learning disability affecting reading, writing, and spelling, causing severe academic difficulties.

Amidst these struggles, Jennifer gradually realized that her worth was not defined by her mother’s harsh words and wondered if her mother had been mistaken about her.

Jennifer’s self-assurance grew when she entered the entertainment industry, and she even opted for a nose job. However, her mother remained unsupportive, publicly criticizing her success, particularly during Jennifer’s time on “Friends.”

Frustrated by her mother’s ongoing negativity, Jennifer made a personal vow to cut ties with her, even missing her own wedding to Brad Pitt. She remained estranged from her mother for 15 years.

After years of therapy to address the emotional scars from her tumultuous upbringing, Jennifer had a profound realization. She came to understand that her mother’s harsh treatment was rooted in love and a desire for her daughter’s well-being. It wasn’t intended to be cruel; her mother simply wasn’t aware that the pain she inflicted would persist for years.

Jennifer Aniston acknowledges that her upbringing has had a profound impact on her, shaping her into the person she is today.

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