Empowering a Retiring Walmart Employee with a $190,000 Fundraising Effort

“A Compassionate TikToker Raises $186,000 to Ensure a Comfortable Retirement for an 81-Year-Old Walmart Employee”

“Devan Bonagura, a 19-year-old TikToker from New Jersey, garnered widespread support by raising $186,000 for Nola Carpenter, an 81-year-old Walmart employee, allowing her to retire and settle her mortgage after two decades of dedicated service to the retail giant. Bonagura’s heartfelt video showcasing Carpenter’s struggles went viral, prompting him to initiate a successful GoFundMe campaign to fund her retirement.

Despite facing challenges, including requests to remove the video and fundraiser, Bonagura persisted, eventually surpassing $100,000 in donations within 24 hours. As the total reached $110,000, he surprised Carpenter with the funds, expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support. Although the initial amount fell short of Carpenter’s retirement needs, the community rallied, ultimately raising $186,653 from 13,500 donors.

Carpenter, appreciative of the generosity, acknowledged that the funds would significantly alleviate her mortgage burden. While expressing her willingness to accept the financial assistance, she recognized the need to continue working until an additional $60,000 was paid off on her house. With Walmart’s average hourly wage at $17, Carpenter faced several more years of work to fulfill her financial obligations.

As the GoFundMe exceeded $181,000, surpassing Carpenter’s retirement goal, Bonagura provided a heartwarming update with her. Despite facing suspension from his employer during this process, he remained steadfast in his commitment to support Carpenter.

In a final update, Carpenter expressed her gratitude for Bonagura’s efforts and revealed her plan to retire in early 2023 after working through the busy holiday season to assist her Walmart colleagues. Having dedicated 20 years to the store, she mentioned that she would miss her regular customers who had become an integral part of her daily life.”

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