Emotional 90-Year-Old Reflects on His Lifelong Love Story

When couples are in the earlier stages of their relationship, they often engage in certain activities more frequently than those who have been together for a longer time.

In case you’re uncertain, I’m referring to intimacy, or more plainly, sex. It’s common for couples to start their intimate relationships with great passion, only to see it cool down, sometimes significantly, after a few years, particularly after having children.

However, the elderly man in this tale faces a unique challenge. He is married to the woman of his dreams, a young and beautiful wife, but he finds himself in a state of unhappiness.

A ninety-year-old man is sitting on a park bench, sobbing when a young man walks by and asks him what’s wrong. Through his tears, the old man answers, “I’m in love with a twenty-five-year-old woman.”

“What’s wrong with that?” asks the young man.

Between the sobs and sniffles, he answers, “You can’t understand. Every morning before she goes to work, we make love… At lunchtime she comes home and we make love again, and then she makes my favorite meal. In the afternoon when she gets a break, she rushes home and we have more sex, the best an old man could want. And then at suppertime, and all night long, we make love.”

He breaks down, no longer able to speak. The young man puts his arm around him. “I don’t understand. It sounds like you have a perfect relationship. Why are you crying?”

The old man answers, again through his tears, “I forgot where I live.”

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