Cracker Barrel Issues Apology and Removes Controversial Decor

Cracker Barrel Responds to Outrage Over Noose-Shaped Decorations

A Cracker Barrel restaurant in Connecticut recently faced controversy after a customer pointed out that some of its decorations bore a resemblance to “nooses” hanging from the ceiling. Although the restaurant clarified that these items were not actual nooses but rather wrapped cords attached to decor pieces, they issued an apology for the oversight.

Decorations Misinterpreted

The incident gained attention when a customer, Alfonso Robinson, posted pictures of the decorations on Twitter, expressing concern about the noose-like appearance. Cracker Barrel responded to the tweet the same evening, explaining that the “noose” decoration was a wrapped cord from an antique soldering iron that had been part of the restaurant’s display. They assured the public that the item had been removed.

Activists visited the restaurant and had a productive conversation with the restaurant manager, Mark Smith. Smith acknowledged that the cord resembling a noose had been displayed in the restaurant for 22 years without prior concerns being raised. He invited the activists to inspect the premises to better understand the situation.

In response to calls for a review of decorations across their locations, Cracker Barrel emphasized its commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. They acknowledged that while some of their historic decor may evoke earlier times, their culture is firmly rooted in the present.

The company expressed gratitude to the guest who brought the matter to their attention and promptly removed the contentious item. They see this incident as a mistake that needed correction, as they aim to maintain a culture of hospitality that respects and welcomes all visitors.

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