Congressional Medal of Honor Society Presents Patriot Award for Tireless Advocacy for Veterans

Gary Sinise, renowned for his memorable portrayal of Lieutenant Dan in the beloved film Forrest Gump, has devoted himself to supporting veterans. Through the Gary Sinise Foundation, he has significantly improved the lives of veterans, servicemembers, first responders, and their families.

In acknowledgment of his altruistic endeavors, Sinise has garnered various accolades. Yet, his most esteemed recognition arrived in 2020 with the presentation of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Patriot Award. Esteemed actor Joe Mantegna, fondly addressing Sinise as “Lt. Dan,” bestowed this prestigious honor upon him.

At the award ceremony, Mantegna delivered poignant remarks about Gary Sinise’s extraordinary character, stating, “Not all heroes are forged on the battlefield.” He underscored Sinise’s commitment to his nation, equaled only by his dedication as a spouse, father, and confidant.

Gary Sinise undeniably merits this accolade. His steadfast advocacy for veterans has profoundly impacted numerous lives, and his determination to effect change serves as a beacon of inspiration to all.

Receiving the Patriot Award is indeed a remarkable accomplishment, yet it’s clear that no accolade can adequately convey our appreciation for Gary Sinise. His fervor, magnanimity, and authentic concern for our country’s heroes are unmatched.

To Gary Sinise, we offer our heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for your unwavering support and uplifting spirit towards our veterans. You embody the essence of a genuine hero in every aspect.

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