Coach’s Fiery Response to Anthem Disrespect Leaves Players Stunned

This is how you coach basketball. It begins before you even touch the ball; it begins with respect and gratitude for the freedom to play—a freedom that wouldn’t exist without the sacrifices of those who paused their education to fight wars.

Singing the national anthem before any big sporting event has become a part of the show business. While I don’t mind Lady Gaga singing it, it’s essential that these kids understand why it’s being performed and why they should respect it.

The lesson Virginia Tech basketball coach Buzz Williams gave to his players is a perfect example of instilling this respect. Before a practice session, he had his team watch a video about veterans and their sacrifices. He then explained the importance of the national anthem, emphasizing the gratitude owed to those who served.

This heartfelt lesson brought many to tears and left a lasting impact on his players. Coach Williams didn’t just teach them about basketball; he taught them about honor, respect, and appreciation.

In an era where such values can be overlooked, it’s refreshing to see a coach like Williams leading by example. His approach is a reminder of the deeper lessons that sports can teach beyond the game itself.

Awesome coach. Good job.


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