Caught in a Convenient Forgetfulness: My Boyfriend’s Dining Dilemma

The woman turned to Reddit seeking validation for her reaction to the recurring situation. Netizens chimed in with their opinions on her boyfriend’s behavior. Feeling conflicted and uncertain, the woman pondered her actions, especially since they unfolded in front of her boyfriend’s children. He accused her of selfishness for not considering them.

Expressing her concerns, the woman disclosed that her boyfriend’s children enjoyed dining out weekly, a routine they shared. However, on each occasion, her boyfriend conveniently left his card at home, leaving her to foot the bill. Initially, she brushed it off, but the accumulating expenses left her financially strained. On a particular evening, having just received payment from her second part-time job, they were once again heading out for dinner with his children.

Knowing his tendency to “forget” his wallet, she preemptively texted him a reminder. Her boyfriend brushed off the message with a laugh. Upon arriving at the restaurant, her boyfriend’s children ordered several pricey items from the menu.

Before they began eating, the woman inquired about her boyfriend’s wallet to ensure he hadn’t forgotten it again. His shocked expression turned to frantic patting of his pockets in search of the elusive wallet. After a futile search, he sheepishly admitted, “Guess I forgot it in the other pair of jeans that I thought I was going to wear.”

Facing yet another instance of forgotten payment, her boyfriend asked her to cover the bill this time. Fed up with the recurring situation, the woman grabbed her belongings, ready to leave the restaurant without dining. Seeing her departure, her boyfriend demanded an explanation and her destination. Firmly stating her refusal to foot the bill once more, she exited the restaurant, leaving him and his children behind.

Later, the woman’s boyfriend called her, accusing her of selfishness for leaving him and his children in such a situation. She stood her ground, reiterating that she refused to consistently foot the bill for their outings as it was unfair. Angered, the man argued that his forgetfulness was the reason for the predicament and criticized her lack of sympathy for him and his children. He also revealed that he had to cancel their food order and take his hungry children home because he couldn’t afford their meals.

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