Bradley Cooper’s 83-Year-Old Mom, Gloria, Turns Heads in an All-Black Ensemble During Recent Public Appearance

Bradley Cooper has recently appeared at the Oscars with a new date and his fans have shared some strong opinions about the pair. Some thought it was sweet, but some others thought his date of choice was the reason that he was unable to settle down.

Bradley Cooper made a heartwarming appearance at the 2024 Oscars, not with a Hollywood starlet by his side, but with his beloved mother, Gloria Campano. In what turned into a memorable outing, Cooper, dressed in a double-breasted black suit from Louis Vuitton, was accompanied by Campano, who at 83, turned heads in her chic ensemble.

Bradley Cooper and Gloria Campano at the 96th Annual Oscar Awards | Source: Getty Images

Campano’s chose a sleek black dress paired with a matching blazer, accented by a dazzling broach. She completed her look with a pair of blue-lensed sunglasses, adding a modern twist to her classic outfit. Fans immediately took to social media to express their admiration for the duo, with comments ranging from heartwarming to humorous.

One fan noted, “This is cute. He looks like his mom too,” highlighting the resemblance between Cooper and Campano. Another, initially mistaking Campano for another celebrity, exclaimed, “I swear I thought that was Jennifer Aniston.” Another joked “He’s got a pocket mom” as a lighthearted way to reference Campano’s stature in comparison to her son’s.

However, not everyone approved of Cooper’s choice to bring his mother as his date. Some used it as a chance to criticize, with comments like, “Good grief, can’t he find someone else to bring?…Mama’s boy,” and others suggested that it was time for Cooper to mature and stop bringing his mother to award ceremonies. One commenter even speculated that his close relationship with his mother might be the reason behind his difficulties in maintaining romantic relationships.

Bradley Cooper and Gloria Campano at the 94th Annual Oscar Awards in 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Despite the mixed responses, it’s clear that Campano is a central figure in Cooper’s life. Her significance extends beyond her career as a former NBC affiliate; she has also recently moved in with Cooper in Los Angeles. This move underscores Cooper’s commitment to his family, highlighting the deep bond and appreciation he has for his mother.

“I love having my mother living with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Cooper shared, emphasizing the deep bond they share. This connection extends beyond daily living, as Cooper often invites his mother to accompany him on his travels, including a month spent together in Paris.

Cooper’s close bond with his mother offers insight into his approach to life’s challenges, including his struggles with depression and anxiety. The death of his father in 2011 was a pivotal moment for Cooper, profoundly altering his views on mortality, which he had previously approached with apprehension.

In this light, Campano’s presence at the Oscars, and more broadly in Cooper’s life, gains greater significance. For Cooper, having his mother alongside him is more than just a display of affection; it reflects the strength and comfort he draws from their family bond.

As reported on January 8:

Gloria Campano and Bradley Cooper at the 81st Golden Globe Awards in January 2024 | Source: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper was among the notable attendees at this year’s Golden Globes. While some captured attention with their new looks, Cooper stood out for a different reason.

The “A Star is Born” actor arrived with his mother, Gloria Cooper, who is now in her 80s and looked stunning on the red carpet. Their sweet interactions were captured by several news outlets and snippets were shared on social media, leading to a flurry of positive reactions celebrating their charming mother-son dynamic.

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