A woman posted on Facebook, inquiring about a peculiar “egg” that had mysteriously appeared on the ceiling of her room.

A viral photograph has set the internet abuzz. At first glance, it resembles a bizarre egg clinging to the ceiling of a room. This unexpected sight immediately sparked fears and wild imaginations, especially since the woman who shared the photos was seeking help.

Upon witnessing a photograph of this unusual “egg” attached to the room’s ceiling, internet users were left with a sense of eerie fascination. The dripping egg-like structure triggered a wide range of emotions and fervent discussions.

“Does anyone have any idea what that is?” the strange egg on the room’s ceiling was the question at hand.

The post read, “This is in the closet of a friend’s son. They’re not sure if it has always been there, and they’ve just noticed it now, or if it’s a recent appearance. It’s been a while since they moved there. Does anyone know what it is?” The narrator was seeking advice. According to 7news.com.au, Amy shared this on a popular Australian Facebook page.

The tweet generated a flurry of responses, but no one could definitively identify the dangling object. Many speculated that it might be a cluster of spider eggs, sparking concerns of a potential infestation.

One internet user humorously commented, “If we were billions of years ago, I would have claimed it was a dinosaur egg.”

“My husband works with pest control, and he believes it’s a spider’s nest filled with eggs. You can vacuum it and then heavily spray it with insecticide,” another user suggested. Someone else offered this solution: “If it’s a spider’s nest, there could be thousands of them in there.”

Another individual humorously recommended, “I suggest a hazmat suit, bug spray, and a flamethrower – poke it and see what happens, at least you’ll be prepared.”

The revelation of what the strange egg was left everyone stunned. Amy’s father-in-law stepped in and bravely solved the mystery, revealing that the peculiar egg-like object was, in fact, expanding foam used on the house’s roof that had somehow made its way into the ceiling.

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