Price is Right’ Contestant Astonishes Drew Carey with Historic Showcase Bid

The excitement reached new heights on Friday’s thrilling episode of The Price is Right. During the climactic Showcase Showdown, host Drew Carey experienced an unprecedented moment that left him completely astounded. One of the contestants placed a bid so astonishingly close to the actual value of the showcase that Carey declared it the “best Showcase bid in the history of the show.”

The remarkable contestant was Patrice Masse from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Patrice skillfully advanced through the game to reach the highly anticipated Showcase Showdown. There, he confidently placed a bid of $39,500 on a lavish prize package that included an extravagant trip to Miami and a brand-new car.

As the moment of truth arrived, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. Drew Carey, poised to announce the results, felt the weight of the moment. The crowd, along with Patrice, waited with bated breath as Carey prepared to reveal the actual value of the prize package.

“So, let me tell ya…” Carey began, heightening the suspense. The studio was filled with a mix of eager excitement and nervous tension.

“Thirty-nine thousand, five-oh-one,” Carey finally revealed, his voice filled with amazement.

The room erupted in disbelief and celebration. Patrice Masse’s bid was just $1 off from the actual value of the prize package, an extraordinary feat that secured his place in the show’s history. Drew Carey’s astonishment and the crowd’s exuberance underscored the sheer rarity and excitement of the moment.

Relive the unbelievable moment by watching the video below.

Source: Entertainment Tonight /Facebook

Patrice Masse’s bid was within $1 of the actual prize value, making him the winner of not just his own showcase, but also the other prize package on offer. Under the current rules of The Price is Right, any contestant who comes within $250 of the showcase’s actual value without going over wins both showcases. Masse’s incredible precision secured his place among the elite few who have achieved this remarkable feat, making him one of the show’s rare Double Showcase Winners.

This stunning victory earned Patrice Masse well-deserved accolades and secured his legacy in game show history. His near-perfect guess stands as a testament to both his skill and luck, ensuring his win will be remembered as one of the greatest moments on The Price is Right.

Congratulations, Patrice! This extraordinary win is undoubtedly one of the best in the history of game shows.

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