13 Yoga Poses to Burn Fat From the Inside Out

Do you want to get in shape without efforts? You should try yoga! This practice can help you burn excess fat, build muscles and boost your flexibility. Can you believe it? Yoga is an amazing way to burn extra fat without sweating. Do you want to know how? Of course, it is a type of physical … Read more

These 8 Moves Can Help Tone Arms Without a Gym

Toned and sculpted arms look very attractive. It is possible to get this without attending the gym and using special weights, especially for those people, who don’t like gym workouts. One needs a bit of motivation and these exercises to get the desired result. They will tone your arms perfectly with the help of your … Read more

5 Simple Exercises to Help Reduce Arm Flab

We all have that one part of our body that we’re less than satisfied with – mine just so happens to be my underarm flab (aka bat wings), which usually sag due to aging or physical inactivity. Although there isn’t one magical routine that can specifically target fat loss in one spot of the body, here are … Read more